Gearin & Co, LLC

Revenue Retention and Growth Solutions for Emerging Businesses

Gearin & Co, LLC

Revenue Retention and Growth Solutions for Emerging Businesses

About Us

Every revenue dollar is hard-earned and precious. Gearin & Co LLC scans the revenue journey from end-to-end and uncovers opportunities to preserve, protect, and grow revenue. We look beyond the obvious and into blind spots others may miss. Often, we find answers that don’t require hiring or a big IT spend.

Mike has been a practitioner of revenue management strategies and implementations for decades, from the perspective of a Sales Support Leader, a Sales Leader, a Product Developer, and a Corporate Planner, and he’s done it in small, medium, and F500 businesses. His long experience base and record of successful implementations are at your service! Contact him via the inquiry form below, by email through, or by phone at 513.204.9805.

Mike Gearin
Mike Gearin


Services Offered

Revenue Management Solutions

  • Sales/Revenue End-to-end Environment Assessments
  • Solutions and Roadmaps
  • Implementation Support

Personal or Departmental Coaching

  • Career/Personal Development Coaching
  • Departmental Coaching (e.g., raising awareness of a department’s relation to revenue and understanding opportunities within)

Telecom or Sales Engineering Consulting

  • Networks (Global/Local, Private/Public/Hybrid, Dark/Lit, Cloud/Edge)
  • Services (Waves, Ethernet, SD-WAN, Security, Cloud) for Data, Voice, Video
  • Ensuring that Sales Engineers are fully vested partners with Sales

How We Work

How many departments/people do not have an impact on revenue? The closer your answer is to zero, the closer you are to being correct. Certainly, there are major and minor roles, but every role has a connection to revenue. Revenue “leakage” can happen almost anywhere in your business, and can be a major blind spot. Uncertain about how to evaluate and eliminate these revenue losses? We will:

  • Look at your revenue infrastructure, from end to end. Processes, people, systems, automation, documentation, governance, and more
  • Document and highlight opportunities
  • Measure highlighted activities
  • Prepare roadmaps and action plans
  • Share in executing the plans if desired

Everything in your business is connected, ultimately, to revenue. Revenue relies on a series of processes and systems, owned by people and teams, who all have a common goal in mind: Keep the business healthy and strong so they can be too. Once that is embraced, any and every link in the revenue chain can be strong.

Mike Gearin

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